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Online Sushi Making Class Course Outline



What you will learn


  • Basics to Advanced skills on prep and making of sushi

  • Ingredients you need to make sushi including how and where you can get them

  • Tools to make sushi

  • Learn the logic and science behind why certain techniques will apply

  • Detailed explanation of why some online recipes and other techniques to do work

  • Break the myth on Sushi


What you can expect from Online Sushi Making Class

  • Each module is designed based on our experience of teaching sushi classes since 2008.

  • Access to member only sushi forum, where you can ask questions directly and get answer.

  • Digital Recipe for all the courses including photos and step by step instructions so you can refer them while watching the video

  • 30 day money back guarantee






Course Details


Online recordings from the Online Public Sushi Making Class, for those who want to go over many techniques quickly. Option to order a Sushi kit with ingredients to make sushi while taking the course.


  1. Course Outline

  2. Tools & Ingredients (Non-video, document only)

  3. How to make sushi rice (04:07)

  4. How to prep vegetables for sushi (04:27)

  5. Rolls I: Inside out California Roll (08:30)

  6. Rolls II: Inside out Rainbow Roll (10:41)

  7. Rolls V: Hand Roll (01:44)





For those who are first time making sushi, wanting to learn the small details not covered in the Quick course.

15 total videos

Running time: 01:52:54



Watch Now
  1. Course Outline (01:58)

  2. Tools (04:30)

  3. Ingredients I (04:34)

  4. Ingredients II, Fish, what to look for in fresh fish, what is sushi grade? (07:18)

  5. Where and how to get ingredients  (text)

  6. How to make sushi rice I (05:22)

  7. How to make sushi rice II (08:51)

  8. How to prep vegetables for sushi (04:16)

  9. Rolls I: Inside out California Roll (14:16)

  10. Rolls II: Inside out Rainbow Roll (24:39)

  11. Rolls II: Seaweed out Hoso maki/Thin Roll (03:55)

  12. Rolls IV: Seaweed out Chumaki/Medium Roll (04:58)

  13. Rolls V: Hand Roll (07:14)

  14. Easier Sushi: Oshi zushi (Pressed) and Temari (ball shaped sushi), and Inari (09:14)

  15. How to eat sushi (05:45)

  16. Miso Soup (06:04)

Running time: 01:52:54




For those who took the beginner class, or have basic knowledge of sushi, wanting to expand the skills

  1. Course Outline

  2. Tools

  3. Ingredients

  4. Science of Fish: How you don’t always want to eat the freshest fish

  5. Curing Fish I Salmon

  6. Curing Fish II Saba Mackerel

  7. Albacore Tuna

  8. All about Tuna: anatomy, type, zuke, how to cut

  9. Tai: Yubiki

  10. Plating

  11. Garnish

  12. how to make sushi without seaweed

  13. Sauces: Ponzu, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Crean Sauce

  14. Special Rolls: Caterpiller, Dragon, Double Shrimp Roll

  15. Shrimp Tempura






For those who took intermediate class, or have experience making sushi to advance their skill level

  1. Course Outline

  2. Tools

  3. Ingredients

  4. More about knife and sharpening

  5. Fillet: Salmon

  6. Fillet: Saba

  7. Fillet: Kanpachi/Hamachi

  8. Fillet: Tai Red Bream

  9. Tuna- Saku

  10. Aji: Mackereal

  11. Nigiri: Basics

  12. Nigiri: Advanced, garnish, serving tequnique

  13. Sashimi

  14. Special Sashimi: Crispy Albacore, Seared Tuna with Salsa

  15. Science of Sushi

Access to Online Sushi Forum to ask questions to Kaz Matsune



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